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Our Team

Our team is a family. We work together to provide you with friendly, personalized services that specifically meet your unique requirements for each meeting. Our team has decades of meeting planning experience, and our personal touch ensures that each detail of every meeting is handled with accuracy and precision.

About The Housman & Associates Team

June Housman

June Housman

Owner and Manager

June Housman, the owner of Housman and Associates has planned meetings for more than 30 years, both as “other duties as assigned” as a secretary and administrative assistant and then as Conference Services Manager for the Texas Transportation Institute and lead planner on the Texas DOT Short Course with 2500 participants.

June has planned meetings for both the private sector and public sector including many AASHTO Meetings, FHWA, University of North Carolina, IRWA and Military Reunions. June’s previous meeting planning experience includes; Texas DOT Short Course 3 yrs, IRWA Region 2 Seminar and Educational Courses 15 yrs, AASHTO Annual Meeting 15 yrs, AASHTO Washington Briefing 10 yrs, AASHTO Spring Board of Directors Meeting 15 yrs, AASHTO Traffic Engineering Meeting 12 yrs, NCUTCD Meeting, Safe Routes To Schools Meeting, and many many more AASHTO committee meetings.

Ernie Cochran

Ernie Cochran

Vice President and Sponsorship Director

Ernie Cochran has a BS Degree from Texas A&M University and has been working for Housman and Associates for 14 years. Ernie has experience planning many AASHTO Meetings, twice yearly International Right of Way Association meetings, Military Reunions and Teens in the Driver’s Seat Fund Raisers. Ernie coordinates and manages golf tournaments each year for various organizations including AASHTO, IRWA and Teens in the Drivers Seat. He is responsible for sponsorship solicitation for all of the AASHTO meetings and has established a good working relationship with those sponsors and constantly works to find new sponsors.

Ernie has worked on the IRWA Region 2 Seminar and Educational Courses 15 yrs, AASHTO Annual Meeting 12 yrs, AASHTO Spring Board of Directors Meeting 12 yrs, and been lead planner on the AASHTO NTPEP Meeting 10 yrs, AASHTO Materials Meeting 10 yrs, AASHTO 511, Transportation Finance Summits, and many more AASHTO Committee Meetings.

John Eaves

John Eaves

Meeting Planner

John Eaves has a BS degree from Stephen F Austin State University, a MS degree from Mississippi State University and 32 hours of graduate credit towards a PhD at Texas A&M University. Starting in the late 1970s John worked in the Farm Raised Catfish Industry for 10 years, served as President of the Catfish Farmers of Arkansas and Secretary of the Catfish Farmers of America. In Arkansas John was responsible for planning and managing 2 association meetings each year for about 300 members. He wrote legislation for the association to present to the state legislature and managed an ongoing membership drive.

For the national association, John worked with the President, President Elect and Treasurer on various tasks for planning the annual meeting and 100 booth trade show. John acted as coordinator between vendors and convention facilities.

As a contract and budget manager at the Texas Transportation Institute for the Cooperative Highway Research Program he worked for the director to plan and manage 5 meetings a year including; the Texas DOT Short Course, International Right of Way Association Annual Seminar and the TTI Advisory Committee Meeting and Cookout.

In 1995, John began working for Housman and Associates as a planner and has worked the last 16 years on the International Right of Way Association Region 2 Refresher Seminar and The Winter Forum. In the past he has taken the lead on the FHWA Annual Fall Meeting, the AASHTO Design Meeting, the AASHTO Subcommittee on Highway Traffic Safety Management Meeting, and the AASHTO SCOQ Meetings. As support staff on many other meetings for Housman and Associates, he works on site visits, contracts with hotels, meeting notifications, online registration, database design, and onsite logistics.

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