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Our Services

Meeting & Conference Services

Housman & Associates is dedicated to professional meeting planning. Our client base includes:

  • Private clients
  • Trade associations
  • Government and quasi-government organizations

We realize each company, association, and organization has unique needs for its events. That’s why we develop a personalized plan for each of our clients. We’ll gather information from you via our Questionnaire, then we’ll follow up with a personal interview to clarify or elaborate on any of the information you provide. Once you’ve selected the services that we’ll provide, we will fully discuss your Meeting Plan and our Contract.

Depending on your needs and the size and scope of your event, we can offer a range of meeting and conference services, from a single aspect of the event to turn-key support, including:

  • Negotiating room rates
  • Organizing room/meeting logistics
  • Planning meals and entertainment
  • Handling registration
  • Debriefing after the meeting

Our Process

Your meeting is our business. Our team develops a personalized plan for each of our clients to ensure that their meetings exceed expectations and meet budget considerations. We want to get to know you and to understand what you expect from your meeting, what is your meeting mission? To accomplish your mission you need to make the most of your money and we’ll make sure that happens.

  1. Our process begins when you contact us via our online Questionnaire, phone, or email.
  2. Based on information you provide on the Questionnaire and in conversations with our team, we’ll develop a personalized plan for your company’s event.
  3. Then, from our bid form, you’ll select the services that we’ll provide for your corporate event, and we’ll then develop an Event Management Plan and Contract for you.
  4. We’ll fine tune the Plan and Contract with you, ensuring that every detail is addressed to your liking; then we’ll act on it.

Our prices are based on a number of factors, including…

On-Site Services

Your meeting is our business. In addition to planning your event, H&A can also provide on-site services at your meeting or conference. We’ll focus on the event details, so you can focus on the mission of the meeting.

Our on-site services allow us to provide continued support in the form of:

  • Preparation and distribution of registration packets; namebadges/lanyards, handouts, receipts, tickets for meals or off-site events, local entertainment brochures, registration gifts, sponsor giveaways.
  • Assisting with walk-on registrations, ensure those not pre-registered get a full registration packet.
  • Managing logistics; food and beverage functions and content, Audio/Visual Support, setting and changing signage, coordinating transportation to off-site events, assist meeting attendees with any special needs.
  • Problem solving for any of the tasks associated with Managing Logistics
  • Providing an attendee list from the on-site registration database
  • Auditing the hotel banquet tickets and charges while on-site

Post-Conference Services

Your meeting is our business. We want a partnership relationship with you, so we know we need to earn your trust. We can think of no better way to do that than to provide effective post-conference management. Because we can provide the following post-conference services, we will ensure you receive accurate billing and charges:

  • Final attendance lists
  • Conference evaluation summaries
  • Audited and Processed final bills
  • Complete financial accounting of receipts and expenditures

Contact Us

Housman & Associates
1309 Pasa Tiempo
Leander, Texas 78641

Phone: 512-259-5554

Fax: 512-259-5571

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